Boycotting Israeli goods?

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A Palestinian boy feels lost and death from sides speaking!

We are here in Palestine, suffering and facing many problems and difficulties in our daily lives, whether in work or living. This is what caused us occupation, after the expulsion of our ancestors from their land and killing them and building their rapist entity and called (Israel).

I am actually speaking with sorrow and sorrow about what is happening in Palestine, especially the Gaza Strip. Thousands of people are coming out for freedom in the face of an entire army equipped with men, equipment and weapons. They have nothing but a few stones and their throats. Repent for freedom!

The situation in this country is indeed tragic, more than 80% of people there are below the poverty line, do not have money to buy bread.

When the donations come from outside countries, Israel blocks them from us, and then the war that kills dozens of us. They also lose soldiers when we defend ourselves. They accept in part the return of donations to the Palestinians in return for restoring calm to the region.

We work and work to get $ 400 a month .. Is this enough to cover the rent of homes and feed  young children and buy clothes for a month?

I do not ask you to come and fight them. I do not ask you to buy weapons for us to fight. All I ask is to boycott the Israeli goods produced by the settlements on my land, which have been stolen from me.

You are free in what you do and buy and eat. But before buying anything Israeli-made, remember that you support the murderers of children and pregnant women with the money they use, to buy rockets and kill us.

It is possible that this petition will help our people who are suffering in the restoration of their rights, which is freedom. I hope to assist you in signing this petition, and I hope you will remain safe.