No trade agreement with Vietnam without human rights and ILO labour standards

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Europe would like to conclude the EVFTA (European Vietnamese Free Trade Agreement) with Vietnam, which should bring Vietnam 50 billion euros / year. Vietnam is at the forefront of human rights violations and does not accept the International Labor Standards (ILO). Amnesty International reports about the serious human rights situation in Vietnam. Also Human Rights Watch criticizes the numerous violations of human rights. Any agreement without regard for human rights and international labor standards would further stabilise the dictatorship regime even more; support the more oppression thus the people will not benefit. 
We seek your support to appeal to the European Parliament with the following requests: 

a) The EVFTA must only be signed conditional to human rights and international labor standards (ILO) being upheld AND must be an ongoing mandatory condition imposed on the Vietnamese communist

b) Stop all financial support/aid for Vietnam immediately, since the money does not reach those affected and in need, but instead goes into the pocket of regime members. 

c) The EU needs to show a much firmer, clearer stance on measures against ongoing human rights violations in Vietnam. 

I (Hoang Phong Ngo) am from Vietnam and know the serious situation there from my own experiences. Franz Alt and I have also submitted a more detailed petition to the European Parliament (D317027) that was confirmed by the EP on 02.12.2019.
We thank you very much for your support in advance. 
We wish you a Happy New Year 2020 
"All of us should be happy, alone happy should be ashamed". Albert Camus

With best regards                                                                                                          Dipl. Kaufmann Hoang Phong Ngo & Dr. Franz Alt