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Stop the import of Palm Oil. We want no part on destruction.

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Today we have lots of controversial issues around the Palm Oil and its expansion around the world. It is cheap and has a high yield which makes it extremely attractive to many countries governments to support its expansion. 

However this doesn't happen without a price to our environment and wildlife. Palm Oil expansion is one of the biggest accelerators to the Global Warming and has already caused lots of harm to the unique Rainforest Leuser Eco-System in Indonesia. Africa and South America are next in turn to be getting destructed by this profit making oil. The industry is profit driven and causing huge destruction where ever it is expanding. The wildlife is getting extinct. The quality of air is getting worse due to the forest fires and the indigenous people are forced out from their homes.

It has also been proven carcinogenic already in 2004, which the food authorities have staid silent. By you supporting the use of palm oil in foods and products, you are signing of the poisoning of your own citizens. One more reason to stop importing this oil.

Do we need Palm Oil? No we don't. Which is the reason we have to demand no Palm Oil containing alternatives worldwide. By demanding this we can stop the destruction of our planet and the future of our wildlife and children.

There is increased need to find an alternative solutions to fossil fuels. The solutions are in wind and sun. Both free and without causing extra pollution and misery to the wildlife and people.

TOGETHER we can make this happen. Please sign today, to press the decision makers to focus on wind and solar energy development, instead of bio fuels. Stop allowing the use of Palm Oil in our foods and other products, demand a clear labelling that product contains palm oil so we can have the choice to decline of taking part on destruction..

We have the choice and we want that we are listen to! 


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