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Letter of request about criminal and legal diligence against GetEasy Lda and associated.

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Dear Mr (Ms) of the International Authorities.

We address in this way, a request of your opinion and assessment about the information we provide here, as well as our call and collaboration/availability and clarification of the illicit activity of GetEasy company. Following the alert of the AMF The Autorité des marchés financiers Canada, alert CSSF Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier Luxembourg, alert of the IFC World Bank Group, and the Commission of the National Securities Market in Spain, FSA Prime Strategies LLC , etc we address this topic for an opinion on consumer protection and guiding support the International Legal plan.

Since the company began, alleging that was invested in packets of geolocators that the company rented to third parties and promised returns that income above 240% APR making a network(as far as we saw it's like a Ponzi Pyramid), under the subject "if new investors are getting in, more benefits were obtained", which was promised to the members by purchasing ie: a package of 360 Euros 1 GPS Tracker for the member and another four GPS Tracker in the "comodato" system. The company promised that would do subscription contract services to use the GPS, and claimed that the end customer signed a 5 year contract. Which is proved to be a lie, despite the company never clarified who is the final custumer of the "comodato system", recently a leading diamond member (supreme leader) states that Antonio Loios, owner of Tachoeasy Iberica never signed leases for GPS equipment, so this is a clear business offered financial pyramid scheme "ponzi system." Many people are affected by this false business. This is one of many examples of the lies of this company (much information bellow)

We finally ask the international monitors to assist us in this fight to avoid the continuation of this sort of frauds:

* - Stop this mega fraud
* - To prosecute criminally the representatives of these companies and recruiters of new members (victims).

However, in addition to collaboration we expect to grant us, we will remain committed to open a criminal / financial complaint against the main company (GetEasy, Lda and everything that this company was derived, as this petition as a collective online complaint). Sincere thanks for your attention.

FACTS: GetEasy went bankrupt in December 2014 and are trying to create two fraudulent companies "dead" GetEasy, which has already taken fraud  alerts around the globe !!! Getmania / Igetmania and Viconcept, which is then GetEasy, with the same characters at the helm and mutually accuse of stealing in Geteasy, as everything is an excuse for turning the Back Office in to a virtual portal only. We are aware that (with TachoEasy and António Loios behind) are preparing another company. over 300,000 people (more?) are caught in this scam and still no one knows how much money is involved (possibly thousand million dollars "have lost?"). No one on Geteasy Clarifies.

Alert in Spain -{5ba82c57-0513-42c9-b6e8-14e95cb1edac}
Alert in Canada -
Yahoo Finance featured the AMF warning -
Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier CSSF Fraud Alert ACG1 Luxemburg -
Banco de Portugal Fraud Alert -
DECO Fraud Alert -
Alert in french Polynesia - 

"Companies" Behind this - Geteasy lda, TachoEasy Iberica, Middle East TachoEASY FCZ, TachoEASY Med Mar, TachoEASY Middle East, TachoEASY ASIA, Igetmania Ltd, Viconcept, IFC Limited, Ifc Iberica Ltd, AREA TENERE SL, Ingenia International Trading SL , getfree ltd, Absolut league lda, Prime Strategies LLC.


All these companies and names mentioned implicitly participate in this mega FRAUD/SCAM known as "GETEASY".

31/01/2015 - After the lie of CSSF Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier(Luxemburg) and other lie on fund named ACG1 clarified as a Lie by AMF Autorité des Marchés Financiers - 21 January 2015


Anyone who has solid financial knowledge and realize business and money, at first sight concludes that Geteasy Group is a fraud. We and many others have come to this conclusion. Not much math you need to understand that the disface passes by stating that the return comes from lending products and contracts or factories that does not exist, between all Geteasy "news" proved by authorities as lies, or facade to promote the unreal business. Geteasy never clarified of proved that there is real contrats of final costumers.

Aparentely Geteasy is similar scheme to Telexfree where new entrants "invest" money to participate in the scheme and receive the promised return. The virtual or physical product is a scheme of disguise. The former participants are paid using money from new participants until the scheme collapses and fail to comply with the promises. Before collapsing change the rules, hinder the lifting of money and encourage the entry of new victims.

The statement of the Bank of Portugal on Geteasy is clear. Warns that the companies listed below are to exercise financial activity illegally:

     Geteasy Limited or Geteasy Ltd (based in Macau)
     Geteasy Lda and Absolut League Ltd (based in Portugal)

In addition to warn the two companies, the bop adds that no company managed or administered by the persons indicated below, are allowed to conduct financial activity:

     Tiago Fontoura Miranda
     Edgar Alberto Velosa Fontoura
     Pedro Manuel Duarte Mira Godinho
     Aline Rizato Riguetti
     Vania Cristina Clerk Cricket
     António Joaquim Reis dos Loios

Sincere thanks for your attention,
GetEasy y abrid los ojos

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