Join us in our fight against chick crushing

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Join us in our fight against chick crushing !


To the European Commission, to the French / British Ministry for Environment, please help us to stop the dreadful treatment of chicks in hatcheries. 


This supermassive genocide makes billions of living beings suffer every second. We can’t stay blind to this terrible custom. We have to face the truth and act upon it ! How can mass murders still take place at our time? How can governments turn a blind eye to this bloodshed? Moreover, how can they allow it?


In Europe, these practices are legal : 

The use of a mechanic machinery which causes quick death 
The use of carbon dioxide 


Cervical dislocation, asphyxia, mechanical grinding without anesthesia… Don’t you think it’s normal to inflict these tortures to babies ? 

Join us in our fight to ban these murders ! 50 millions lives are taken each year, only in France ! Can you imagine what it represents worldwide ?


A lot of us believe that by eating eggs we limit animal killings but the truth is that the egg industry might be as deadly as any meat production in its beforehand activities when it selects only  female chicks and sends males one towards a crushing death.


The industry wants us to believe that some lives are serving no purpose, and it is help by the government. The chick judged useless or outnumber are put aside and killed in cold blood. How can you define a life as « useless » ? Their utility is defined according to their sex. In the egg industry, males don’t lay so they are considered as good as trash, meanwhile in the foie gras industry, female liver is said to be of poor quality. Therefore, all these tiny lives are slaughtered without any remorse. 


A new technology coming from Germany can help avoid these killings by identifying chicks’ sex before hatching. Created by Seleggt, it identifies the sex of the chicks right in the egg so that they’re able to take them out of the batch before they hatch and put those directly on the egg market. There therefore is no effect on the chick development, as eggs taken out just don’t start their growth and female eggs go into hatching.


If such technologies exist and have been proven reliable, why don’t states take measures to promote them and facilitate their implementing ? Government takes action on matters such as abortion, a practice some conflate with murder, but they do nothing on the matter of born babies killings that don’t even have any feeding purpose. We have to push this issue though so as to raise the awareness of our legislators who will then be able to redact and vote a law restricting or, even better, forbidding this kind of dreadful treatment to living beings. All living creatures deserve respect and should’t suffer any unjustified and amoral acts.


Sign this petition and help us reach our goal : stop wanton violence.


Thank you for your time and we hope to see you soon in a world free of cruel mistreatments.