hold polish president andrzej duda accountable for hate speech against lgbt+ community

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andrzej duda is extremely homophobic and should be held accountable for his hate speech towards the lgbtq+ community due to his “lgbtq+ free zones” and calling members of the community a dangerous ideology.  

on the 20th of july 2019 there was a pride parade in białystok which was blocked by counterdemonstration. participants of counterdemonstration were throwing rocks, firecrackers and glass to people attending the parade. a lot of people were beaten up. after those events the local governor said the parade was illegal and blamed the parade for riot. a straight couple brought explosives to a pride parade in attempt to kill the people who were attending and only got charged with 1 year in prison which isn’t right at all. 

1/3 of poland was labelled as lgbtq+ free zones, they were only symbolic but was extremely homophobic, a polish newspaper called “gazeta polska” were selling newspapers including anti-lgbtq+ stickers. people placed them everywhere like public areas and transport. usually under the stickers were razors that would harm you if you attempted to peel them off. 

10th June 2020, president of Poland signed "The Family Card" which purpose is to support traditional family values. The Card prohibit propagation of the "LGBT ideology" in public spaces, prohibiting proper sexual education, prohibiting children adoptionby homosexual couples and once again claim that marriage is relationship between a woman and a man. "The Polish Card" makes the whole country LGBT zone. If we speak publicly about being LGBT, we may soon be arrested for it.

on the 13th of june, andrzej duda, president of poland, during his speech said lgbtq+ people aren’t humans but an ideology which is worse than communism. after being called out by big international media he claimed his words had been misunderstood and was “fake news”. 

if andrzej duda was to be re-elected which means we have no clue what he could be planning to do against the lgbtq+ community in the next 5 years. he needs to be held accountable!!