EU, please intervene in Hungary

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Dear European Commission,

We are the Hungarians who did not vote for Orban and we need you to hear us out.

Ever since the refugee crisis of 2015, our government has actively been propagating their hate campaign. Ruling all commercial media, citizens have been brainwashed and frightened by non-existing enemies embodied by Gyorgy Soros and migration itself - a term that has been negatively altered by Orban's propaganda.

We are the citizens who did not give our votes for Orban and his absurd gang. We are the youth belonging to Europe, appreciating democratic values, wanting to stay a part of the European Union and cooperate for a further peaceful future. We are the parents whose children have already emigrated because they did not have another choice. We are the elderly who do not have access to decent healthcare because our government has been busy building stadions from your generous subsidies instead.

We do not think that the elections of April 8th have been righteous or representative.

We ask you to examine our results and to count the votes again.

More than that, we ask you to interfere in our domestic politics and to remove Orban from his position.

The Hungarians who did not vote for Orban