Call to sanction the provision of airline IT services for Russian airlines

Call to sanction the provision of airline IT services for Russian airlines

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Why this petition matters

Despite sanctions implemented against the Russian aviation sector, private companies registered in European jurisdictions continue to provide IT backbone services to Russian commercial airlines powering their ability to carry passengers, including military personnel, within Russia and internationally. 

For example, S7 Airlines, Pobeda (low cost arm of Aeroflot), and Ural Airlines use the services of a large European IT provider take reservations, sell flights, and run operations such as checking people in for flights and dispatching aircraft.

Russian airlines’ ability to continue to sustain operations, particularly in the domestic market, suggests that the sanctions implemented so far have only a modest effect and fall short of the significance needed to stop the military aggression. There is something that the Department of Transport and governments can do that would have a far greater effect:

1.       As an urgent step – implement sanctions to cut off the provision of IT backbone services, including all Passenger Support Services (PSS) and Global Distribution Services to Russian commercial airlines.

2.       Create the legal basis for private companies to be able to withdraw services and stop ongoing contracts with customers in Russia.

The people of Ukraine are facing an unprecedented onslaught by an authoritarian regime determined to conquer territory and implement widespread human rights abuses. This represents the biggest onslaught on a European democratic nation since 75 years.

Europeans have shown numerous acts of solidarity with the Ukrainian people. We therefore call on the EU Commission, the Department of the Transport, and European governments to apply the maximum pressure in the aviation sector.

295 have signed. Let’s get to 500!