Continued EU citizenship for Brits

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I am British and European. I was born a European citizen, and I have enjoyed the great benefits of citizenship throughout my life. As things stand, this will sadly end in 2020. Suddenly in 12 months time, Brits will no longer be European citizens. We will be losing part of our international identity. Please sign this petition, urging the European Commission and EU, to maintain European citizenship for those that would like to keep it, but who stand to lose it due to Brexit.

While the UK is deeply divided over Brexit, for a very large percentage, the referendum, and recent confirmation of the hard Brexit path that our country will be taking, has been devastating. There is large and growing support for the EU in the UK, and I think the strength of the support has grown in the 3 years since the referendum. You don't always appreciate what you have until it's gone.

Brexit is a step backwards for the UK, but the EU has a great opportunity to demonstrate its ability to care for each and every EU citizens. There is an opportunity for the EU to show that it can rise above domestic politics, and show that it still values and cares for its citizens, even when a state legislates to exit the EU.

What will maintaining European citizenship look like? Ideally, as many current benefits of citizenship as possible would be maintained: Freedoms of movement, freedom to work, study and live across the continent, as well as trade goods, services and capital across national borders. Maintenance of some benefits may not be possible at present, such as voting for a nation state's representative within the European Parliament, but could a system not be devised whereby European citizens, who are not citizens of a member state, are able to vote for a MEP to represent their interests? I think the exact details of this new category of citizenship will need to be worked on. But what is needed at this stage, is a commitment by the EU to protect its existing citizens, and a desire to maintain the citizenship of those that desperately want to keep it.

Citizenship is not just about benefits for individuals though, it is a two-way relationship between an individual and a state (in this case the EU). This petition is aimed at showing the EU that as individuals, we still greatly value our European citizenship (despite Brexit), and are prepared to fight for it.

As far-right and nationalistic regimes continue their rise globally, the EU acts as an increasingly important counterbalance to these worrying nationalistic trends; protecting rights, liberties and democracy. The EU will be stronger if it can find a way to maintain citizenship for those that do not want to lose it. We believe in the EU, and want to support it both now and in the future.

Please don't revoke our European citizenship!