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Adopt a vegan and vegetarian labelling requirement in the EU now

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We ask the European Commission to require the clear and accurate labelling of all animal-derived substances used in the production of food items by amending the Food Information for Consumers Regulation.

For vegans and vegetarians, it is currently often impossible to find out whether a product is suitable. This means that vegans and vegetarians cannot follow their moral beliefs and this violates their human rights. According to the European Convention on Human Rights, "everyone has the right to manifest [their] practice and observance" (see )

We are deeply affected by the knowledge that we are practically forced to risk going against our ethical beliefs not to harm animals every day.

There has been a requirement to label allergen information on all products in the EU since 2014. Those of us who are allergic to animal exploitation must be treated equally. This is only a small and logical step but one which would have huge beneficial consequences for the rights of vegans and vegetarians, animals, and the planet. Now is the time.

Animal ingredients are often not put on the label, and those animal products used in the production process but not as an ingredient are virtually never labelled. Examples of animal ingredients that are not labelled are those simply called ‘natural flavourings’, or E-numbers which could be either animal- or plant-derived. Examples of animal products used in the production process are bone char for sugar and gelatin for fruit juice. Even when a manufacturer is contacted, they often do not know whether animal products were used in the production.

Previous petitions on the topic have asked for a label of animal products as hazardous for your health and the environment, but this petition is much less controversial. There are also country-specific petitions for mandatory vegan labelling, but product standards are EU-wide. Over 1.3 million people have already signed the successful European Citizen’s Initiative against vivisection. This petition for labelling should stand a real chance of success.

Once we get the momentum going, we can try to reach the amount of signatures required for a European Citizen’s Initiative, in order to require the European Commission to examine our proposal. The amount required is only 0,2% of the EU’s population, and the amount of vegans and vegetarians in the EU far exceeds this. Even if we do not reach the threshold, we can submit it as a petition to the European Parliament.

If we win, ethical veganism will get a huge boost and become more accessible to many people, creating a catalyst effect that can save thousands of animals’ lives, as well as mitigate climate change and risks to our health.

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