Stop the Car Rally in the Mogo State Forest

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A HIGH SPEED car rally is planned for Saturday August 11th from 4pm - 10pm, affecting Runnyford Road to Bolaro Road, through the Mogo State Forest in Eurobadalla Shire NSW. This forest is home to many nocturnal native wildlife, including possums, gliders, kangaroos, potoroos, wallabies, and wombats.

The Mogo State Forest also contains records of nationally listed endangered species including Glossy Black Cockatoos, Swift Parrots, and Spotted Tail Quolls and State listed Species including Masked, Powerful and Sooty Owls and the Brush Tailed Phascogale. 

At dusk, many nocturnal animals are on the move, and as a local resident, I can honestly tell you that I have never driven a day on Runnyford Road without encountering wildlife on the road. At this dry time of year, there's many joeys at foot, looking for food with their mothers, close to the road. For six hours the animals whose habitat is the Mogo State Forest, will be on high alert and petrified by the noise this car rally will impose on their peaceful existence. How many will be hit? How many will die running into trees as they attempt to flee to safety? How many will die from the shock and fear alone?

There's a native wildlife shelter operating on Runnyford Road as well - those animals will be fearing for their lives on August 11th too. 

Eurobodalla Council have not corresponded with the local RFS or some of the residents who will be affected by this rally - some of whom are concerned about the impact this car rally will have on the environment they share with the wildlife. 

Please stand up and not only let Eurobodalla know, but all councils in Australia, that we won't stand for our forests and native animals being threatened in this manner. 

Thank you!


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