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Euro 2012 Sponsors: Stop financial support for Euro 2012 until no more animals are being killed

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Across the Ukraine mass killings of animals have been underway for months, in preparation for the Euro 2012 soccer championship. Government officials decided the large numbers of feral and stray cats and dogs were unsightly, and organized the killings to "beautify" the country in time for the media spotlight. To date a minimum of tens of thousands of homeless dogs and cats have been shot, poisoned, starved, burned alive or otherwise eliminated.

As word of the massacre has spread, worldwide condemnation has grown and pressure on the Ukrainian government is mounting. The country's environment minister, Mikola Zlocevski has now agreed to allow a German advocacy organization, Vier Pfoten (Four Paws) to organize mass sterlization of strays in the four cities hosting the upcoming soccer matches. Veterinarains will use mobile spay/neuter units to reach as many animals as quickly as possible.

What Ukraine has NOT done is order a halt to the killing. Slaughter squads continue to brutalize helpless animals - and to collect a bounty for each body.

What you can do:

Contact Ukrainian officials and demand an end to the killing. Tell them that until the government officially stops the slaughter of stray animals and supports humane alternatives you will-
Boycott Euro 2012 and its sponsors
Boycott all tourism and commerce with the Ukraine
Spread images of the killings in Ukraine on Facebook and all available outets


President Viktor Yanukovych
252008 Kiev Ukraine
Vul, Bankova, 11
Tel - 380-44-226-3265
Fax- 380-44-293-1001

Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine
Mister Movchan
35, Urytskogo Str., Kiev, Ucraina

Ministry of Culture & Tourism

Contact Euro 2012 sponsors to demand they cease financial support for Euro 2012 until no more animals are being tormented and killed, and the government implements large-scale measures to sterilize and care for homeless cats and dogs in Ukraine.

Sharp Corp.


Coca Cola


Accedo Group








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Hope For Animals

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