Euphorique Bakery, Stop Scamming!

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Euphorique Bakery ( Euphorique Cooperation Pte Ltd, Instagram is a Singapore bakery/event caterer that has allegedly scammed many customers since late 2017 till now. Many customers agree that once they have made payment to the bakery, the owner (Bessie Teo) will go MIA. Texts messages or calls will usually be ignored until the very last day before the event. Most customers will either get their goods with bad quality, get their goods delayed, or their goods will not even arrive at all.

The owner Bessie Teo will make up many excuses to the customers, saying she is either very busy or there has been a "traffic accident" on the way to the event. However, to trick more customers to pay for her services, she tend to go for Singapore's influencers for promoting Euphorique Bakery. Influencers, such as Bong Qiu Qiu and Naomi Neo, have both posted and promoted Euphorique Bakery on their Instagram about its "good" services. 

Here are some instagram posts from the influencers, regarding to Euphorique Bakery's services: Bong Qiu Qiu's Post no. 1Bong Qiu Qiu's Post no. 2Naomi Neo's Post no. 1Naomi Neo's Post no. 2JianHao Tan's Post no. 1 & JianHao Tan's Post no. 2.

Many customers have fallen for this trap, and Euphorique Bakery has been getting away with it. Customers had posted their upset reviews on Euphorique Bakery's facebook page, but their reviews will be quickly removed. There has been an increasing number of bad reviews online, and we believe it is time to take action. 

Please view Facebook Review No. 1Facebook Review No. 2Google ReviewsHardware Zone ForumYelp ReviewsMothership Article No. 1, & Mothership Article No. 2 regarding to Euphorique Bakery.  

Please sign this partition to prevent innocent customers from having their events ruined. Celebrations are meant to be filled with joy for the customers with their friends and families. To prevent any more of these scamming cases, please support and sign. Thank you!