Keep Durango: Wild Lands alive!

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On October 15th, 2019 an announcement was made that Durango: Wild Lands would be shut down on December 18th, 2019.

This game has been such a huge part of so many of our lives.  We have made friends, formed relationships, and created Clans, which in many cases have even extended beyond the boundaries of the game.  It's a great game, and unlike anything else in the mobile space.  We have built entire thriving communities around Durango: Wild Lands, and invested much money into the game and our digital world.  Please do not terminate Durango: Wild Lands!

We want this game to continue to be a place where we can hang out with friends, do some crafting, fight and tame some dinosaurs, and enjoy ourselves.  We want this game to continue to be groundbreaking for the mobile gaming industry.  We want the adventure to continue!

Eunseok, Suenmyeong, Nexon - please listen to your community and continue development on this amazing game.  Thank you for hearing us, your Durango: Wild Lands community.