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Help Eugenia Cooney

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Dear Eugenia,

You are so important to us. You are so incredibly beautiful. So many people look up to you. We need you here to support us, to inspire us, and to give us a reason to smile.

As I'm sure you have seen, thousands of people on the internet are rooting for you and trying to get you to understand how beautiful you are. We want you to see how important it is to us for you to be happy and healthy. Please understand that we are not hating on you. We love you and that's why we are so frantically worried. The difficulty you are facing is not one you're facing alone.

This disorder may be good for your 15 minutes of fame, it offers a dark sort of publicity. But that's not what it important. YouTube shouldn't be threatening your life. Your health comes eons before your fame.

I know how hard it is to struggle with mental disorders. Hundreds of your supporters do. To see you conquer this roadblock would be incredibly inspiring. We would see that it's possible to defeat our own personal demons. You can change lives. You have to power to save lives through inspiration. 

We know you can do this. Talk to a doctor, your mother, or one of us. We are here to support you. Our only goal is your safety.

Fellow supporters, please sign this petition to show that this message is from all of us. I want Eugenia to read this and hopefully be somewhat inspired to seek help. I want to give back to her, as she has been a positive influence and a ray of sunshine for me. Thank you for taking the time to support her. Please spread this petition to as many people as you can.


Your loyal family of fans. <3

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