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Primitive man with his small and uneducated brain instinctivly killed to survive, he learnt that by eating whatever he could find then would fill his stomach and the skin of the animal would keep him warm hence giving protection..this was the the beggining of man many thousands of years ago, they learnt to hunt and clubbed the animal to death, it was survival of the fittest ,done this for survival nothing more. In the years through the ages man has learnt so much, the wheel,electricity, got an airplane to fly..we have been to the moon and back, sattelites and spacestations, man certainly has continued to become intelligent, learn respect, have compassion..or has all this time and now in 2013, he has continued the same eating habits, still now he continues to hunt, not to eat but now for "fun"..regards the killing of animals for food continues with an ever populated world still eating what was prehistoric mans main source of food, the skin still worn and used for the ever increasing demand for "designer" bags, shoes, etc..but why, now in the 21st century.. when intelligent man can farm all sources of food to grow to eat and to use the killing and eating of flesh and blood still continues to the extent now that these animals are on a conveyor belt to breed kill eat. Most are forcefed to grow bigger and faster, there is no provision and compassion foe mothers and their young, the babies often being taken away to early from the mother and killed..taken to horrifying slaughterhouses that are hidden from the publics sight, why..because if humans saw what happened there and the fear and distress on the animals faces, who do know that they are about to die..stood in a row in watching the others before them being killed..the young just born left to die of hunger as their mother has been taken to slaughter, do the public know this happens, what we don't see will not bother us, some choose to look away anyway and carry on just to fill their stmachs with flesh and blood, intestines, legs, tounges, lungs, brains and hearts of a living and breathing animal able to think, feels pain and knows compassion there then.. .Now we see the other part regarding the increasing rise in deaths due to heart, cholerstol, cancers and obesity which is on the increase..Then human body is really not equiped to eat meat, it cannot be broken down fast enougth in the intestine, hence it stays there longer rotting that the reason we are told to eat more fibre...5 per constipation and bowel cancer do go hand in hand..the fat is stored leading to high weight levels and higher rate of morbidity ..there seems to be a rise moreso as fast food resturants are searving up more and more "meat" products, most filled with anything that has been processed from the animal included, to fill it up, bigger burger , more humans eating this all know that they are eating somthing thats made with aromas to start the tastebuds wanting to eat wouldn't matter what was in it really then as the desire to consume it has already been triggered, clever hey?.. the people that consume are litterally eating themselves to death unknowingly and in iggnorance,, their children are the future, they are growing up now to think of this as normal, have we not already seen obesity in the young at increasing younger ages?..The planet is being misused,'s all profit and money, you are kidded if you think otherwise..the fine ecosystem is at stake..animals are becoming more and more extinct for money, meat, greed....there is more violence in our society than ever it really the extra consumption of flesh and blood, stressed flesh i may add, filled with adreneline as there was such fear before death..the term you are what you eat spring to mind? In this world where man has high intelligence, why isn't it used???

Letter to
Head of states
We the undersigned beleive it right for the world to stop ALL animal slaughter for the consumption of and also the byproducts of.
There is unessasary suffering to distressed animals killed, we think it actually murder, as it is classed as if another takes a life of a living being.. These poor creatures are treated appallingly to feed a man stomach for a while when there is now plenty more healthier food choices now available in this year 2013. We all know that a good diet including vegetables and fruit is far better than eating any type of flesh, we know that man isn't equipped to digest this..hence the flesh stays in the system longer and rots there..not at all healthy for the gut/intestines and can lead onto serious deseise.. there is also the high fat content , leading on to high cholestrol and heart deisese.. we think the public should be made aware of these things for their own health choices and to understand the implications of what they are actually digesting.
We understand that there will be food shortages for the future should this continue, there are already shortages in some countries, by changing the way we eat and what we eat..this can help all of the human population worldwide, all would be able to eat plentiful and maybe young babies and children the world over would not need to starve to death whilst other countries gorge and have a fast growing epidemic of ill health and obesity. Richer counties are also swamped in "designer" type goods that cost a small fortune also at the cost of animal suffering..surely it makes sense to use less monies in animal feed and impregnation and distrubute various seeds and plants elsewhere to help others in the world have a better quality of life?
Nobody gave anyone the right to take any life away, i and the others who sign agree that no god, whichever god you may worship, would want this cruelty to happen to gods creatures in this world, they were not put here for abuse. V. Corser