NO sanctions against the Russian Federation and ACCEPT the referendum in the Crimea for the annexation to the Russian Federation

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The Russian Federation is not invading another country , if that were, even those who create sanctions against Russia would did the same against Afghanistan , Iraq and Libya , Russia has only responded to a help request from the Prime Minister of Crimea Sergiy Aksyonov, and has only sent some support troops to protect citizens from aggression of some "groups" neo-Nazi mercenaries, mysteriously appeared to create unrest , ( which some suspect ties to the Pentagon as a result of the alleged wiretapping of certain emails sent by them to group members).

The actions of the Russian Federation does not "violate in any way the sovereignty of Ukraine and the Crimea nor its territorial integrity " as Russia acted after having made ​​arrangements and after that the prime minister has asked for help to Moscow, and military intervention.


In 2010, the Russian and the Ukrainian parliament ratified an agreement extending until 2042 the stay of the fleet in Sevastopol to Moscow , in exchange for a 30% discount on Russian gas supplies to Kiev, Ukraine also has a debt never paid for more than one billion Euros to Russia for gas supplies .


After the ousting of President Victor Yanucovich February 27, 2014 , have been proposed and implemented the referendum in the Crimea , and even there, the Ukrainian people has been shown to favor an annexation to the Russian Federation with 96.77 % of votes in favor.


The governments of Europe and the USA affirm that the referendum in the Crimea is illegal, but the same governments who support him preach democracy and the referendum is an obvious example, in an emergency situation to create an emergency referendum is democratic , also if it should be illegal , the situation in Crimea, it would have been the same way , the political situation in Kosovo is now the European people show agreement or disagreement with their governments .


The sanctions are created for the interests of a few dozen people, economic and political interests, in countries for which the stra great majority of the population is European and American who have no motivation and / or interest in implementing further sanctions Russia certainly would create further crisis and impoverishment of the Russian people, people less any fault, Russia will be induced with a consequent increase in the fuel and \ or natural gas which currently we buy from Russia, with an additional economic blow for the European Union and the consequent increase of the crisis, unemployment and suicide status within the EU countries.


It is therefore requested to EU , the European Parliament , the international community, the UN to: CANCEL the sanctions to Russia and to accept the referendum in the Crimea with 96.77 % of votes in favor.

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