EU-nited against Kremlin faZism. Protect people of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

EU-nited against Kremlin faZism. Protect people of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

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Warum ist diese Petition wichtig?

Gestartet von Olga Demidova

Request to the President of the EU Commission Von der Leyen, Foreign Minister Baerbock, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson & all political ministries

According to multiple sources, the modern Kremlin government created a new swastika—symbol “Z” that is used to violate human rights or to demonstrate support of the russian intervention in Ukraine.

According to the Skat media, russian "police" left this symbol after raids in the offices of the "Human Rights Group Memorial". This symbol is used on russian military vehicles

The governor of the Kemerovo region in Russia, Sergey Tsivilev started a trend in order to support a russian intervention in Ukraine using this sign “Z” in the name of this region “КуZбасс”.

However, if you look at these events regardless of the media fog, you can clearly see the direction in which this unfortunately heavily corrupted and dictatorial country is now acting.

It cannot be denied that the war crimes and incitement to hatred are strikingly similar to those of the Third Reich at that time.

Kremlin‘s propaganda persuade many Russians that they "protect the Ukrainian people from a Nazi government" but at the same time act as Nazi with its own people and with people in Ukraine. 

Believing they are acting in the interests of peace and justice, many russian mothers send their almost-aged sons to war. To put it bluntly, children are being sent to their senseless and painful deaths here. A price that the russian government will probably pay very willingly.

On the other hand, anyone who has enough courage to express political criticism of this system will experience a similar, merciless treatment as Alexei Navalny—go to a prison for years. The Russian, Belarus and Ukranian people are now living in a reign of fear and terror!

As a Russian and a student in Germany, I, Olga Demidova, consider the actions of the Russian government to be misguided and abominable. Of course, it is important to preserve the values ​​of diplomacy and democracy and to finally stop the bloodshed and death in a negotiation-oriented manner.

But it should also be considered that previous negotiations could not end the current genocide. There is no time to wait, we need to act. We have no right to just stay by and watch how Ukraine shares the destiny of Poland in 1939.

Any action that is neglected now and any closure to the current facts may affect every other country in the near or distant future.

For example Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia already threaten Finland that association with NATO will have “serious military and political repercussions”.

Of course, the further actions must be carefully considered to avoid a new world war. However, the danger must also be recognized that too much passivity creates a weakness that will feed the dictatorship of the Kremlin regime.

Ukraine is currently being oppressed, but all other countries that tolerate this oppression through their passivity can also be oppressed in this way.

I don't mean to belittle the efforts and support that has already been provided to Ukraine. But on this scale, it's just not enough!

We demand:

  1. Help Ukraine to prevent the bombardment of it’s territories 
  2. Use EU countries cooperation to counter a common threat
  3. Recognize Russian and Belarusian as refugees, if they stand against Kremlin war and that put them into danger. Help them by evacuation and provide safety in the European Union
  4. Run international investigation of the crimes against humanity in the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and in other Countries

Sincerely your,

Olga Demidova




1.094 haben unterschrieben. Nächstes Ziel: 1.500.