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EU Declaration of Health Rights: Foods Are Not Drugs

Our right to manage our own health is being stolen!

A stunning theft of our rights is happening now--right under our collective noses. We're losing the right to manage our personal health in the manner we choose. It's a right so basic that no one ever thought to list it among the rights of free speech and assembly. Who could ever have imagined that something so basic might come into question?


If you're in the US, please sign the US petition, not this one.

One of the primary methods used to steal our health rights is redefining foods as drugs. In both the US and the EU, public agencies that are supposedly tasked with protecting our health are using this technique to limit access to our foods of choice.


According to the US's FDA in the US and the EU's EMEA, simply making a health claim turns a food into a drug! That would, of course, be absurd--if it weren't so frighteningly effective.

For background into the history and thinking behind this petition, please go to "The Theft of Health Rights: Can It Be Stopped?"

This petition is to protect your right to access the foods that you wish to eat. Right now, the FDA in the United States of America and the EMEA in the European Union are actively declaring that common foods are now to be treated as if they were common drugs. See "FDA Says Walnuts Are Drugs and Doritos Are Heart Healthy" for documentation.

Just making a health claim for a food literally turned it into a drug! That would, of course, be absurd--if it weren't so frighteningly effective.

On both sides of the Atlantic, foods are being banned or declared as controllable drugs. See "EU Declares Peppermint a Controllable Herb" and "Recall of Supplement Containing Seville Orange Shows Absurdity of FDA's Claims" for examples.

At what point does this end? Health effects can be claimed for virtually everything we ingest. They can easily be claimed for meditation and exercise. Will our regulatory agencies attempt to control them as if they were drugs?

It's magical thinking! But reason and rationality have nothing to do with achieving the goal of controlling everything that people ingest and making it a profit center controllable only by Big Pharma and the agencies that are clearly at its beck and call.

Therefore, we call on our elected Members of Congress, both in the House of Representatives and the Senate, to enact a law declaring that foods cannot be defined as drugs to be regulated as if they were pharmaceuticals.

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This petition is for European Union citizens.

Click here to go to an equivalent petition for United States of America citizens.


Letter to
European Union Parliament
I support the following petition addressed to Members of European Parliament.


The people's ability to manage their own health as they choose is being undermined by a proliferation of claims that foods are drugs. These declarations, based both on claims of health effects and substances that have been isolated from foods and also used as pharmaceutical drugs, have the potential of bringing every aspect of our lives under control.

This is a dangerous path, threatening every citizen's access to foods of their choice and self-determination in health management. This redefinition of terms supports draconian controls over the people's food supply and health management.

We call on our representatives in the European Parliament to stop this dangerous pattern of limiting access to the foods, including herbs, vitamins, and minerals that are ingested as nutrients. Please assure that the following statement, or its equivalent, is enacted into law:

"No substance that has traditionally been considered a food or source of nutrition may be designated or redefined as a drug. No natural substance derived from foods may be designated as a drug. No newly discovered natural plant or animal that people find palatable as food or nutrition may be designated as a drug. No food may be controlled as a drug. All existing redefinitions of foods as drugs must be removed and any controls placed on them as a result of that redefinition must be reversed."

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