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EU conditions MUST be respected in Romanian public shelters!

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EU representatives must control , take measures and help Romanians to invest the public money into dogs shelters' renovation to make these places meet the EU standards imposed. The public money shouldn't be invested only into dogs 'killing, as it was recently voted and assumed. Any living creature shouldn't be kept in miserable conditions and the public shelters are a shame, a disgrace for this nation.


After being voted with a majority by the Romanian Parliament, on 10 September the new law regarding the street dogs of Romania passed the Constitutional Court (CCR), today 25 September.

Many animal lovers put their last hopes in the CCR decision.

Unfortunately, their decision was predictable.


The most important change is that dogs found on the streets must now be kept in shelters for 14 working days. If the dogs are not claimed by someone within those 14 days, they may be killed.

The City Hall and the Mayors can choose to continue to provide the correct care for these dogs after these 14 days.

The euthanasia is not the only option. Or is it?  


After the dramatic death of Ionut, the 4 years old boy killed by a pack of dogs, the media fueled the war between animal lovers and the opposite side.

I personally have seen just a few references to the complete indifference and ignorance of the authorities, the real responsible of everything that happens within the public space (which include but doesn’t limit to parks and town’ streets)

While anxiously waiting the result of the investigation about Ionut death, I am extremely curious to see if any official will be found culpable in any way about this case. It is a fact that this new law is going to affect a large number of dogs, including the sociable ones exposed to massive abuses at the limit of the law or while it can be exploited for the official direct economic or political interest.


Aggressive dogs do not belong on the streets of a civilized city.
But the new law will cause the death of many innocent dogs. Because sociable dogs are easier to catch, they will be the first victims.
Romanian animal lovers have long had the chance to demonstrate a solution to the stray dog problem that would please the entire community. Unfortunately, we can have a long discussion about this, too and all the mistakes done by these people in disfavor of the animals that they claim to protect.


I will mention just one story that happened a FEW DAYS ago from countless I could tell: An “animal lover” crowding 40 dogs in a van, illegally transported (no documents!) stopped in Dusseldorf.

Many EU –related institutions sent complaints to Romanian veterinary authority in the past years regarding dogs from Romania arriving sick or without correct papers in different countries. These critics added up to an increasing number of Romanians voicing their discomfort to see dogs on the streets.


In the past years ROLDA was the only Romanian charity that petitioned to close down the insalubrious, infected public and private so-called dogs shelters.

No one reacted.  After the death of the 4 years old boy, we know many dogs will pay with their lives. It seems that the society identified the “guilty”. Ironically, the politicians move the public attention from their own dirty games played in the past 20 years. Ironically, while pro animal people and their opposition had a war, the politicians were conveniently taking advantage.


Now, it is time for us to fight back with their weapons.

EU demanded a number of standards for a shelter to function in Romania.

The veterinary authority coming to check on authorized shelters’ conditions verifies those standards. Most of the public shelters and many of the private ones do not meet the EU standards and are against the law, even if on papers there is an authorization.


Due to this corrupt society, ROLDA choose to address this petition to EU Animal Welfare Department directly.

ROLDA is one of the few charities from Romania that invests an important budget every year to repair, expand, renovate our shelters, using private funding. What about the public money?! They shouldn’t be all spent on killing or other purposes!


We must be united to force the officials/ politicians to invest into shelters to improve conditions for the dogs staying there for a day, ten days, 2 weeks….a life must be respected! Even if it’s a dog convicted to die! Plus, a number of increasingly shelter’ visitors who will go to claim their dogs, to adopt will be exposed to possible diseases in filthy places which are not renovated for years due to corruption and complete lack of care!


While the shelters will be closed down and the authorization suspended, where the catch dogs will be kept for 14 working days?!

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