Corona: Rescue refugees from hotspots - stop deportation - IMMEDIATELY!

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The "Alassa & Friends Circle of Friends" calls Sign these requests:

Immediate dissolution and complete evacuation of all EU camps on Europe's external borders! The EU must pay - Europe is rich enough!

Admission of ALL refugees and health care - there is enough will and solidarity!

Immediate stop of all deportations during the Corona pandemic! Release of all detainees from deportation prisons!

Zero tolerance for the repression of the Greek state and fascist thugs!

We support the self-organisation of the refugees!

Solidarity and cohesion must know no borders!

In the refugee camps on the Greek islands on the edge of Europe, 42 000 people are living in the most miserable conditions in camps set up for 8 000 people - and are now also struggling with the emerging wave of VIDOC-19 infection. In Moria, on the island of Lesbos, there is one toilet for 167 people at a time, one shower for more than 240, and sometimes just one water tap for 1,300 people - without soap and without the possibility of washing hands even remotely as a precaution. "Doctors Without Borders" warns of the living conditions in the sensitive areas, which are ideal breeding grounds for the COVID-19 virus. An outbreak of the Corona pandemic would be a deadly disaster!

Tens of thousands of people are still being sprayed on the Turkish-Turkish border between Turkish and Greek police and military forces, in cooperation with Frontex units and with the support of fascist "citizen guards" - sometimes embarked together from all over Europe. The right of asylum has been suspended by the Greek state for newly arrived refugees - the EU expresses its understanding!

At a time when borders are closed throughout Europe and all routes of infection are blocked, deportations are being carried out in cold blood and with blatant negligence - to Iran and other countries whose health systems will collapse completely in the event of an imported pandemic.

For years, the inhabitants of the Greek islands have shown exemplary solidarity with the refugees. However, their protest against this intolerable situation is being stifled and they have been abandoned by the EU for years. Increasingly, fascist squads are heating up the situation - refugee boats were pushed back into the sea with poles and actions are being taken against refugees and humanitarian organisations with weapons and incendiary devices. "People of Lesbos, we are sorry" - "Citizens of Lesbos, we are sorry", cry out refugees, because they know the concerns of the inhabitants and they organize themselves against fascist attacks on the camps. This self-organization of refugees is more necessary today than ever! The refugees must organise themselves for their evacuation, for health care and against political repression. "Everybody is talking about us - now we talk!" This motto, born almost two years ago in Ellwangen, must go round the world and be heard.

Federal President Steinmeier said on 16.3.2020: The situation in the refugee camps is "dramatic". He rejected accusations that "Germany has become heartless towards refugees". Is that so? The unctuous words and the shamefully minimalist (!) planned reception of 1600 refugee children must finally and immediately be followed by action. Many municipalities have been signalling their willingness to take in refugees for weeks, the structures created in 2015 are still in place - only the German government is stubbornly obstructing.

Sign for :

Immediate dissolution and complete evacuation of all EU camps on Europe's external borders! The EU must pay - Europe is rich enough! 

Admission of ALL refugees, not just a shamefully small number - there is enough will and solidarity!

Zero tolerance for the repression of the Greek state and fascist thugs! 

Health care for refugees!

Suspension of all deportations and release of all prisoners in deportation prisons!

Donate to „Solidarität International e.V.“, IBAN: DE86 5019 0000 6100 8005 84, keyword: "Alassa" or "Moria"