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EU: ban bestiality

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Occupy for Animals started this petition to Chair of the Committee on Petitions at the European Parliament European Parliament (Chair of the Committee on Petitions at the European Parliament)


This petition was started by Occupy for Animals on September 8, 2012 and has been submitted to the European Parliament for registration at the same date.

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Bestiality is a worldwide occurrence and Europe is not free from it.

In some countries members of the European Union raping an animal carries no punishment, and in Denmark it is even perfectly legal to run animal brothels. Although the legality of bestiality has been questioned on a number of occasions, a Danish parliament majority believes that it is not necessary to ban sex with animals. The fact that defenseless animals can be legally raped in Denmark in a thriving business where their owners profit from inflicting pain, stress, fear and even death on animals, is a disgrace to the entire country, to say the least.

Bestiality is legal in Denmark, Finland, Hungary, and Sweden where it was formerly illegal, but made legal in 1994. In West Germany, the law making it a crime (§175b StGB) was removed in 1969. East Germany, before reunification, had no law against bestiality; zoophilia pornography, however, was very restricted. Certain barriers are set by the Animal Protection Law (Tierschutzgesetz). On 13 December, 2012, the Bundestag passed a tough new law against bestiality, which includes fines of up to 25,000 euros. The law, which is expected to be confirmed in February, is part of a trend that moves beyond Biblically rooted strictures against the “abomination” of the act to focus instead on the perceived damage to the animal.

In some countries, sex with animals is legal as long as long as no physical harm is made to the animal, but it is in the nature of the case that animals are often victims of injury, stress and suffering in connection with sexual acts with humans.

While the world looks upon Europe and especially upon the EU as a model in terms of civilization, a simple search on the internet about animal rape cases that had been reported in Europe - ranging from raped dogs to horses - brings many shocking search results. But the reported cases are just the tip of the iceberg - the number of animals that are regularly being raped by their owners, be it at home or in so called animal bordellos, being unknown. The suffering of these animals goes on behind closed doors, largely ignored because of its shameful nature and as it seems, even by our politicians who fail to address the problem and to create laws that protect animals from this kind of abuse. Because abuse it is. Photos of small animals killed miserably during rape are abundant on the internet.

Sexual abuse of animals is one of the most trivial and obscene expressions of human behavior, one of the sickest practices that can be thought of and we believe it is truly deplorable that there are no EU-laws in place that prohibit and severely punish such sadistic behavior in order to protect defenseless animals.

The undersigned of this petition are calling for an EU-wide ban on bestiality, including a ban on zoophilia pornography, making both a punishable crime against animals under EU-wide laws.

By signing this petition the message that you can read below will be sent instantly to the Chair of the Committee on Petitions at the European Parliament, Mrs Erminia Mazzoni.

The adage that there is strength in numbers holds especially true when it comes to petitions, be it to the EU or other relevant authority. Please add your voice to those of growing numbers of compassionate people from around the world, and let's make a difference!

Together, we can!!!

Thank you!




On date of 26 September, 2012 the EU has confirmed the official registration of this petition. The petition is now registered under the number 812/2012 together with the petition started by the Italian organisation AIDAA (the Italian animal welfare and environmental protection association).

Furthermore, we have received confirmation that the European Parliament decided to ask the European Commission to conduct a preliminary investigation of the various aspects of the problem, and that the Committee on Petitions will continue its examination of petition 812/2012 as soon as it is in receipt of the necessary information.

In our request to the EU, we had also included the implementation of an animal abuser registry. This part, however, has not been specifically acknowledged by the Committee on Petitions, so that we have decided to start a new petition about this topic that we have also submitted for registration.

The petition asking for the implementation of an animal abuser registry can be signed at the following link:


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This petition had 53,089 supporters

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