Stop People Killing Animals for Decoration

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The thought of seeing a real dead bat hanging up for Halloween turns my stomach. How can we let people think this is ok to do?

And it not just mammals , it’s reptiles and birds too. In the Victorian days, having animal taxidermy around the house was a status symbol of how wealthy you are, I thought we’d grown up from that, but the trend has come back, animals under glass is here again. 

Even skeletons are killed then their skin is resolved off, again they only use the “nice” ones.  

Sellers think this is ok to do, they sell on these sites (and others I’m sure) to make money, yes, the government may find them as they come through customs but I wonder how many they miss, but they should be stopped at the source, Etsy, eBay and Wish shouldn’t even let them get anywhere near their websites. 

I’ve emailed all of them many times and they have done nothing about it. We need get these three large business to stop people being able to sell dead animals on their websites. 

They are killed in droves and the “good” ones are sold, the rest are thrown away like garbage, the impact of the species is massive especially around Halloween when the demand for “weird” creatures is bigger. 

Etsy has lots of animals for sale. See pics I’ve added. 

Please sign my petition to get the message across. We will not let these beautiful creatures die to decorate the walls of someone’s house for one night. 

To these online stores: Stop people selling taxidermy animals, skeletons of animals. Any animal killed is wrong, they are killed just to sell, it doesn’t matter if they say they are killed humanly, they are most likely not and even if they are it is still wrong in every way.