Stop all sales of protected animal parts in the US and abroad.

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ETSY IS STILL ALLOWING THE SALE OF PROTECTED ANIMAL PARTS .. We have to stop them and demand the closure of ETSY completely and ask the Federal government to bring charges up  .. they only changed their policy to fool us into thinking they would change. The sale of these defenseless and precious animals are still being exploited on ESTY .. 


"I think many of us are here because protecting wildlife is a matter of protecting our planet’s natural beauty. We see it’s a stewardship responsibility for us and this generation and future generations to come. But it is also a national security issue, a public health issue, and an economic security issue that is critical to each and every country represented here.

Wildlife might be targeted and killed across Asia and Africa, but their furs, tusks, bones, and horns are sold all over the world. Smuggled goods from poached animals find their way to Europe, Australia, China, and the United States. I regret to say the United States is the second-largest destination market for illegally trafficked wildlife in the world. And that is something we are going to address.

This is a global challenge that spans continents and crosses oceans, and we need to address it with partnerships that are as robust and far reaching as the criminal networks we seek to dismantle.

We need law enforcement personnel to prevent poachers from preying on wildlife. We need trade experts to track the movement of goods and help enforce existing trade laws. We need finance experts to study and help undermine the black markets that deal in wildlife. And most importantly, perhaps, we need to reach individuals, to convince them to make the right choices about the goods they purchase."

Below are a few links of previous sales made by one person alone who has sold 100s of Eagle, Hawk,Falcon and Owl feathers. We must stop ETSY from allowing these items to be sold..  



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