Increase Support from Etsy for their Sellers

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Buyers are leaving low rating reviews due to postal service delays and subsequently hurting Etsy shops over something a seller cannot control.  
There is not enough support for sellers from Etsy. Sellers need Etsy to advocate for their sellers and provide education for their customer base before, during, and especially after (review process). This will prevent low ratings and improve seller and customer satisfaction with the Etsy platform. 

We want:
1. A less specific criteria of review removals. Currently it must mention USPS. If an item was shipped out on time on the sellers end and the review mentions delayed shipping- it should be removed. 

2. A notice during the review process that explains sellers are not responsible for postal service delays and to kindly ask customers to consider this when reviewing. 

3. An email to send to all customers with tips on how to leave a fair review during this holiday season, explaining more in depth how the shipping delays are out of our control and not a reflection of our shop. 

4. More consistency with Etsy customer service during case reviews and when contacting the customer service line.