Revise Etsy 1% ODR Policy

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Sellers are in an uproar over Etsy's "Order Dissatisfaction Rate" (ODR), part of its Seller Service Level Standards. One seller wrote us, "Have you heard or seen Etsy's new policy? Many sellers are outraged, Etsy is being inundated with calls, they even agreed some of the new seller rules are ludicrous."

If a shop exceeds the acceptable ODR threshold or displays a pattern of customer service issues, Etsy’s Trust & Safety team may reach out with a Customer Service Warning. For shops otherwise compliant with Etsy’s policies and expectations, warnings will only be sent if a shop meets all of the following criteria:

- Has an Order Dissatisfaction Rate that is 1% or higher

- Has at least three orders with a case or low review since the shop's first sale

- Has two or more orders placed within a 60 day evaluation period that resulted in a case or low review

Shops that receive a Customer Service Warning will have access to a complete summary of their customer service performance to help them improve their shop's Order Dissatisfaction Rate with future orders.

If a shop's Order Dissatisfaction Rate rises or falls dramatically before a 90 day evaluation period is complete, Etsy may reevaluate performance sooner.

If a shop continues to exceed Etsy's allowable Order Dissatisfaction Rate or otherwise fails to demonstrate the level of customer service we expect, we may investigate and take action, including permanent revocation of buying and selling privileges in any account they may hold. Shops that have never provided strong customer service are eligible for permanent suspension at any time.

Pointing to one criterion, "Has at least three orders with a case or low review since the shop's first sale," a reader told us that it was "pretty harsh for a seller of long tenure or one with a lot of sales."

Sellers have been buzzing about it this weekend, presumably because some have been receiving Customer Service warnings; a seller linked to the help page on Etsy titled, "Why Did My Shop Receive a Customer Service Warning?" 

In one thread on the Etsy boards, a seller shared their thoughts and wrote, "In some ways, this isn't a change, just clarification on what is most likely to get you in trouble. The confirmation that Etsy still blames you for cases closed in your favour, or reviews changed to 5 stars later once you reach out to the buyer is by far the worst part of this, in my eyes."

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Overall it's ludicrous to only allow for a 1% ODR that can literally crush a business overnight with an issue that can potentially be out of a sellers control, late deliveries/ lost deliveries/ damaged deliveries are the most common scenarios to receive a negative review, surely sellers can't be held fully responsible for such scenarios...

I like I'm sure most sellers endeavor to offer the best service and products but unfortunately sometimes things just don't work out, those customers who are dissatisfied will get refunds, replacements etc I'm pretty sure the biggest companies in the world who sell outside of Etsy have customer ODR's above 1% but their not going out of business, why should it be any different on Etsy...

The main factor to be proven is the seller is being reasonable and trying to resolve issues, after all as per human nature not all customers are reasonable too, we've all seen unreasonable customers in our time, "tutting," whilst waiting at checkouts, being aggressive to assistants etc so why is it any different online, it isn't... Dare I say it but I'm sure above 1% of people are unreasonable by nature and have unrealistic expectations in day to day life, heck even a bad day can set the wrong person off so let's get some common sense Etsy and look at this 1% ODR rule, I'm sure if your sellers were to give Etsy a customer service rating it could easily exceed 1% too so "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Please sign the petition, "united we stand, divided we fall," I'm seeing allot of people worried on forums and facebook pages but those concerns fall on deaf ears so make your feelings heard with this petition, thank you.