Stop eToro Abuses & Frauds #eToroAbuse

Stop eToro Abuses & Frauds #eToroAbuse

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Yoni Assia (CEO)

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Dear eToro,

When we bought Russian stocks, we bought them as underying asset without leverage. Under your Terms and Conditions, valid in time of our buying, Schedule B, article 1.3, we bought security (share) of Russian Company, which is held in custody by you, regarding Schedule B, Article 1.5. Under Terms and Conditions, Schedule B 8.3., we may not have title to the securities bought on your platform in case of YOUR insolvency. In this case, we are entitled to the amount we paid for them.

In certain circumstances, described as "Corporate event" in Schedule B, article 10.1, such as merger, split, insolvency, delisting... but not limited to, you have under article 10.3. right to close any open position (including delistings and insolvency) in a fair way.

But, in Schedule B, article 10.6, in case trading on underlying market is SUSPENDED, you are only not able to grant your client opening and closing position. Not a word about right to closing positions against client's will.

So, currrent situation - regarding only stocks / securities is that trading with Russian stocks on underlying market is SUSPENDED. This is not a corporate event under article 10.1, (especially when you settle this matter in article 10.6,) which gives you right to close any open position with this asset which is opened as a security.

So, we don't give permission to you to close our positions in Russian stock which we bought as a security on your Terms and Conditions, on your autoritarian decision.

2,290 personas firmaron. ¡Ayuda a conseguir 2,500!