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I think Ethtrade is not being honest to us, i have taken my time to investigate the ethtrade btc address: 3MAn5RTByg6VrruxvZtPzZkVHuAw7raJBB, if you have been paid by ethtrade u can recognize the address , checking from blockchain you can see that the account has a balance of 296.6695 BTC including pending funds, around that same june a 100btc was transferred out, just before that you can subsequent trade transactions made, you can see how much ethtrade has and how much it was trading with before the come the financial reports did report problems on affected months? we were made to see that all looks well until someone runs away with 100btc transfer and also ...

Louis Cloise Stocking is a professional con artist. I have known him since 2006 in Kalamazoo & we worked together to pass progressive cannabis legislation. He is a weed & speed (amphetamine) dealer in Lansing, Michigan. I was sleeping on his couch in November 2016 until I realized what he was up to with & his criminal activities. He brags about it being a Ponzi scheme. I have reported him to the Lansing Police Department several times. Their number is 1-517-483-4600. He lives at 1203 N Walnut St in Lansing, Michigan. His phone number is 269-599-4578. I have reported him to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I have reported him to the Securities & Exchange Commission. I have reported him to Department of Homeland Security. I have reported him to the Justice Department Cybercrimes Division. He is going to prison a long time.


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They took our all hard earned money..please we asian request to get recover all our money from

This bullcoin is their new trap.which they promised but still top leader got that,mostly ppl are not able to sale it for penny

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