Call to End Abiy Ahmed EPRDF regime in Ethiopia

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This is an urgent call for all Ethiopians to overthrow Abiy Ahmed EPRDF regime. Abiy Ahmed is a continuation of the same EPRDF regime which destroyed Ethiopia for the last 3 decades. Abiy Ahmed tricked millions of Ethiopians by lip-service with his fake unity, while continuing to massacre civilians. Most of all, he has made today's Ethiopia a huge mass jail and torture for thousands of Amhara people. He gives the green light for his army, for Islamist Jawar Mohammed inciting genocide of non-Oromo people, organized Oromo youth called Qeerroo, organized Sidama youth called Ejeto to attack non-Oromo people, particularly the Amhara, Dorze, Gamo, Welayta as has been witnessed throughout the last year in Ataye, Burayu, Sidama, and many more places.

Abiy Ahmed's regime is also responsible for organizing the recent assassinations of Amhara leaders General Asaminew, Dr Ambachew, and colleagues, deceiving people by calling it a "coup" while cracking down Amhara in its pretext. Abiy Ahmed is known to be behind the murder of Engineer Simegnew Bekele who served tirelessly for the construction of the Nile river hydroelectric dam. Abiy Ahmed's evil acts continue on a daily basis, jailing Amhara journalists from ASRAT media such as Getachew Ambachew only for doing their job and for being Amhara.

Abiy imposes special benefits to Oromos only in the capital of Addis Abeba, destroying tens of thousands of Amhara homes in the city to give way for Oromo only. His mayor Takele Uma has been implementing this demographic engineering in an effort to cleanse Amhara and non-Oromo from the capital city. After sending repeated threats to Eskindir Nega's Balderas Council, a group fighting for equal rights of all Ethiopians in Addis Abeba, Abiy jailed the council members. Internet and phone lines are blocked by the regime to allow its massacre and mass arrest of civilians behind closed doors.

Hence, we call all Ethiopians, the US Government, the UN, and all concerned to intervene and remove this regime in total and call for a national concensus, before it is too late.