Estonian Child Protection Laws and Family Court FAIL to Protect child best Interest

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UPDATE AS OF 2019 06 05







In the current worse case, the child still living with an abusive alcoholic mother and his future now is at extreme risk.

this case involving child services bribe, and much other illegal activity by the mother side to block father from seeing his son.

Please, please keep sharing and caring about these and other children living in Estonia in same or worse situations.

this update is specially added on top, to show that there is hope for a better future for our kids ... we wish to trust the very slow moving forward of #EstonianJustice system.

Lets viral share the fantastic news of one of my friends and one of the fathers in this petition who finally got his son back with him... time and date of this is not important, but that Mr. A.K got home his son with him after long custody battles in several courts.


Huge Congratulations to him ...


hopefully, I will see my son very soon too after almost soon 2 years.

wish me LUCK,

Updates Posted By Benny.

We are several parents. Fathers who have been met with discriminations and corruptions in Estonian Family law and child services.

Why we are doing this. in Case 1, Estonian supreme court has declined to take the case and refuses to make or implement any changes in rolling that Father can see his 2 years old son more than 3% of the time or 20 hours per month.


In case number 2. still ongoing in civil court, but child services have chosen to accept bribe and money from mother side to totally help mother to win court cases and to get sole custody of child in order to totally cut child contacts with father so the child can no longer share his problems at home,and father can no longer report child abuses ongoing of several types, some other unspeakable extremely sensitive personal types, mother have successfully managed to commit, Extortions over 150.000 Euro from Father during and after divorce proceeding Estonian Penal code 214, additionally Estonian Penal codes 199 and 200, successfully committed by mother in that case and still no legal system is helpful to press any charges because she is from Rich Russian Family who can pay and get the justice systems to work for them as they have always done in their lifetime in Estonia.


It is extremely important that these problems are known openly to as many people as possible, as the problems for children in Estonia is very bad,


Case ex 1. From the ministry of social affairs. ref. 1.5-1.1/2516-2 

Case ex 2. from Tallinn Civil court  2-16-18959

The Estonian civil court and family court, benefit Estonian mothers blindly and openly discriminating against fathers in child custody cases.

Example 1.Effected People: Father Swedish Citizen, working, and  Swedish resident. Mother Estonian Citizen, child 2 years old atm.

Swedish Father vs Estonian Mother, the court gives the father a total 3% of child time as visiting rights or 20 hours per month, father is working in Sweden and Swedish citizen, He has to make expensive trips at time that mother of child agree only to let him see his son, child services and municipality of child hometown, openly discriminating the father in writings and to court office and the court happily rolling for mother and against father in custody and visiting child , the child atm 2 years old and can see father max 20 hours per month.


Example 2.Father Swedish Citizen, Estonian Resident with a job,

Father Swedish Citizen, resident in Estonia, Mother-Estonian citizen but Russian origin.  with huge alcohol problems, at times mother drinks and abusing child both physical and psychical abuse past several years, after divorce in 2017, mother try to cut all connections and fathers rights against Court order of visit and phone talk times rolling by the court due Fact that Child 9 years  old tell father truth about how mother drinking at home and abusing him and not taking proper care of child, mother, therefore, do not want the child to have any contacts with father so that he can NOT tell anyone what's going on in his life AT HOME .

Mother has been reported to child services in municipality, but child services chose to accept bribe money as corruption and help the mother to cover up in all cases and writing false recommendations to several involved court cases AND AT 2 TIME PURGERY IN COURT IN ORDER TO HELP ESTONIAN MOTHER  to give the mother right and painting the father as the bad guy, how is it possible that child living with mother and being daily abused, makes the father bad guy?


What makes these 2 examples clear, is that both fathers have been subject for Estonian child services and court discriminations against fathers and Non- Estonian citizens as we know about - but we reserve that option as after checking we have found this is general practice that fathers never get any rights in family courts against mothers in child custody or other family matters.


why we want to raise attention, as we have spoken to several lawyers in Family matters, and lawyers openly saying quote: we are sorry, but we in Estonia lacking, missing those developed child protection laws and systems as countries such as Sweden and Finland or other.

Child services are normally under-staff with people working who have nearly to zero knowledge of child and family matters, child services telling me in phone call: I am so sorry but we have so many families where parents are DRUG addicted or alcoholics, that we do NOT have time or enough staff to look after your child.


I see that lack of educated and proper staff in child services, lack of understanding of child best interest regardless what citizen is father, lack of court knowledge as how to take decisions that is not discriminating against non-Estonian citizens and to look and protect child best interests.

Children are our future if a country systematically ignoring their children's best interest and their life becomes a risk factor where the child can develop negative psychic problems in the future.


Studies show that children in divorce and problem family, have a bigger risk to get into the criminal activity that children who grow in a Normal loving family. ( please don't miss understand, just because we are divorced or separated, it doesn't mean we don't love our children, we do LOVE them and we are doing EVERYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLE TO DO ALL WE CAN FOR OUR BOYS)


we can not choose our future, but we can try to make it better for everyone.

Estonian court and justice system have failed, Estonia in the family cases is more seen as Discrimination against Fathers in a family in benefit fully and blindly for the Estonian Mothers,

We wish to draw full attention of the Swedish government and European countries to these extremely serious problems in Estonian Justice systems, in these cases in family matters ( maybe other cases as well, apparently the number of cases in family matters where fathers are totally run over by full discrimination child service and legal services are huge numbers and growing)

Our goal here is, Not to only correct these 2 cases and give the fathers right to be apart of their children live actively, but to make changes in Estonian legal system as it appears for now, the lack of important child protections are missing badly,and this will impact all children of Estonian Born in extremely Negative ways ,it will become later a social problem where all these kids grow up with such problems ,is unfair,

The changes we wish to be implemented soonest humanly and governmental possible.


1- allocations-SHARING of more founds- money to social ministry to hire and educate more proper staff who are able to help children in problem families of any types, divorce, or narcotic or alcohol or abuse problems.


2-Estonian Law to change or add implementing more to aim at firstly see and help children and for the best interests of child ,regardless of father Citizenship ,as when country law, benefit is own citizens in any legal cases, the court with make rolling on wrong and unfair basics and grounds which will impact the entire family, and the children are who get hurt the most by these problems.

3-Estonian President,to look over corruption in municipilaty, or child service,or any other types,as curuption free legal network is a MUST in a good country as Estonia.



Needless to say that Estonia has developed very fast and with good business and economic systems for companies.

Estonia is good in many ways, but there are still works to be done to make Estonia a better country for EVERYONE,not only for some.


Hope that effected offices who are interested to start some changes can please contact me for any information needed in these matters.

Wish all Swedish People and Estonian People get involved to ask for changes in Justice system and Child >Protection Law and Family law in Estonia, not to only benefit mothers and to look for child best Interest all time.

3 Reasons Why Shared Parenting Is Great For Families
Shawn Garrison
Over the last few years, there has been a growing groundswell of support to make shared parenting the presumption in child custody cases.

Backed by numerous studies, supporters have pushed for revisions to family law statutes so that children of divorce are given equal access to each parent. Historically, courts have utilized a sole custody model in which one parent is awarded primary custody while the other is essentially sidelined as a secondary parent and only granted visitation or limited time with the children.

Because of outdated gender stereotypes that pervade the family court system to this day, the parent most often drawing the short end of the stick has typically been dads.

Slowly but surely, the status quo is changing. Missouri is considering two bills that embrace parental equality to build off the momentum it garnered last year in passing a pair of shared parenting laws. Kentucky also recently unanimously passed a law that establishes a presumption of shared parenting and equal parenting time in temporary orders.

The Show-Me and Bluegrass states are not alone as bills across the country are being proposed that would benefit children and families in the event of divorce.

Critics persist, ensuring that progress only comes in incremental chunks, but it is becoming increasingly clear they’re fighting a losing battle. Bit by bit, fathers are gaining more rights in the family court system.

Here are three major reasons why shared parenting is great for families.

Shared parenting is best for kids
Study after study shows that children are better off when they have access to both parents after divorce.

The amount of social science research supporting shared parenting is so staggering that it’s amazing family courts have been so slow to catch up.

Perhaps part of this disconnect is due to a lack of effective communication between the researchers and lawmakers.

“One step we need to take is to get this research out there to the policy makers, the legislators who are making custody laws, the custody evaluators, the mediators,” said Wake Forest Professor of Educational and Adolescent Psychology Linda Nielsen, who conducted a review of 45 shared parenting studies.

“Everyone who is involved in child custody decisions need to at least be aware of what the research is saying.”


Shared parenting minimizes conflict
Part of the reason shared parenting is so beneficial for children is that it often serves to lessen conflict between parents. Although divorce is linked to a number of negative outcomes for kids, some research suggests it is actually the amount of parental conflict they are exposed to that leads to those bad outcomes rather than the specific event of divorce.

The current system tends to pit parents against one another in a battle to see who gets custody. Even if spouses start off on amicable terms, this process often cultivates hostility by the time the final custody determination is made. It’s a system that chooses winners and losers that leaves the entire family worse off.

When the court puts each parent on equal footing, there is less room for disagreements and they are more likely to form a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Shared parenting sends the right message about fatherhood
Stop and consider the message sent when family courts treat parents unequally. When a judge grants a mother more parenting time without justification, the court is basically saying moms play a more important role than fathers when it comes to raising kids.

That is a harmful message that kids could hold onto for years, which in turn affects their own attitudes toward parenting as they mature into adults.

Fatherlessness is often described as an epidemic in the United States with more than 20 million children living in a home without the physical presence of a dad. This is a serious crisis that is tough to combat when family courts consistently treat fathers like they are expendable.

Fortunately, modern dads are doing a better job of getting involved in their kids’ lives than ever before. Today’s fathers are more active and emotionally involved in parenting than previous generations and research is teaching us how much of a positive impact that can have on children as they mature.

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