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Provide 24/7 law enforcement coverage in Southern Humboldt.

For the past several months there has been no law enforcement coverage in Southern Humboldt County outside of normal business hours.  Even during normal business hours there are a minimal number of officers in the area, usually one or two deputies, to cover our vast rural area.  This creates an unsafe atmosphere for the public and those officers on duty.  Recently there has been an escalating string of events that went without law enforcement response causing hardship on our community members and businesses.  

We demand that this be taken care of. We want officers in our area 24/7 who are able to respond when needed.  We are asking for this, as tax paying citizens who have the right to feel safe in our towns, on our streets, in our businesses, and especially in our homes.  We will not sit back and let our community be degraded any longer by bad behavior and unsafe conditions.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Humboldt County Board of Supervisors
    Estelle Fennell
  • Humboldt County Sheriff
    Mike Downey

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