Establishing a Public Colleges or State Universities in the City of Iriga

Establishing a Public Colleges or State Universities in the City of Iriga

May 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ace Jasper Cortez

A call to action for establishing a Public Colleges and State Universities in the City of Iriga

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and in addition to that, our beloved parents and guardians always reminding us to take it seriously because that’s the only treasure they can give to us while they are still alive but how can we achieve that level of education if our economic status and today’s crisis are responsible for preventing us to gain knowledge that we can get inside the classroom not just in a learning materials.

There was about 5 colleges/universities in the city of Iriga namely: Ceguera Technological Colleges, La Consolacion College, Oliveros College Incorporated, University of Northeastern Philippines (UNEP),  University of Saint Anthony (USANT) and all of them are private schools. As of the moment, there’s no state colleges/university in Iriga City that’s why most of the students who cannot afford to study in those colleges and universities are being forced  to study in nearby municipalities such as in Baao which has BCC or Baao Community College and CSPC Nabua or Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges which is the main campus and CSPC Buhi campus.

Why not establish Public Colleges or State Universities in Iriga City, Camarines Sur?

These are the factors that encourage us to see the need of building Public Colleges or State Universities in our city:


Students must travel a significant distance from their homes to public colleges, which is inefficient. It costs more time and money for transportation.

In addition to that, now that we are still facing the impact of oil price hike here in the Philippines, it cost so much both from drivers and passengers specifically us students, that’s why if this petition succeed, we students can save enough money for our everyday life as a student.


In the City of Iriga, most of the colleges are private which means it cost a lot of money to have a quality education. Not everybody can afford this kind of education because of their financial status.


Many students are wanting to have scholarships that can assist their education. Public Colleges and State Universities receive more scholarship opportunities from the Goverment.

We apply for a petition to the National and Local Government of Iriga to allocate funds to build a public college or state university in our city that can help our students to have easier access to quality education. This can be a great solution to the factors: Distance, Money and Opportunities, to both Irigueños and nearby places.

The specific location of the said Public College or State University in Iriga will be discussed by the local government of Iriga. The factors to be discussed is the distance and the accessibilty of the area.

Your support really matters in this petition and will put some pressure to the local and national government of the Philippines to make an action regarding this matter. We aim to have a state college in Iriga City which has a good quality education and easy to access by out of school youth and other students who cannot afford to study in those private colleges/universities and this would serve as a bridge to those people whose struggling on their economic status as a big help in order for them to finish their studies

Your ONE VOTE can truly make a difference in helping students to have an easy access to TERTIARY EDUCATION! Give your support and share this call for change to your family and friends. 


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Signatures: 49Next Goal: 50
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