To preserve the 1886 build Church at 14 Margaret street in angus Ontario.

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  • The 1886 built church has served as a sacred place for many families funerals, weddings and baptisms. It is also one of the last heritage buildings of Angus. 

We would like to see the church preserved and used for the community as part of our heritage, serving future generations as an arts and cultural space.

There is currently a proposal to rezone the church yard from Institutional to Residential thus building 26 townhouse units in place of the church.

We the people of Angus expect the Township to uphold the Official Plan of the Township of Essa

July 6, 2001,

Which States;

Section 2 8. “To Protect, conserve, and manage the Township’s archeological and cultural heritage” 

Section 3 3.6 “Cultural Heritage resources provide our only link to the past and, thus, are to be preserved for future generations.”

page 6 Objectives 1. “To identify and preserve significant historical and cultural buildings and structures which reflect the rich history of the township and it’s residents.”

Section 13.1 “ Cultural heritage resources form an important linkage to our past and, as such, the Township of Essa recognizes their importance and will encourage the identification, conservation, protection, restoration, maintenance and enhancement of cultural heritage resources. All development shall have regard to the cultural heritage resources of the Township and where possible provide appropriate protection to these resources.”

lastly, 13.2.3 “It is our policy of this plan to control as fully as possible the demolition, removal, or inappropriate alteration of buildings of historic or architectural value.”