Esquire UK: Fire Writer Who Said All Fat People Should Be Killed and Burned

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Giles Coren writes a column about fatherhood for Esquire UK. His most recent piece is called: "I Don't Care What My Son Becomes... As Long As He Isn't Overweight" 

In the piece he:

Calls his 4 year old son a "fat little bastard" and a "chubby fucker"

Says that "to bring forth upon the world a fat son is indeed a shame before God"

Says that he would rather his son be a "crackhead" than be fat.

Says about fat people: "I'd kill them all and render them down for candles."

He ends the piece by saying that he "tries to look at the positive" but "other times I think, "I'd best get the chubby fucker's jaw wired before he's old enough to stop me."

The fact that this piece is blatant sizeism and weight-based oppression is surely enough to take this piece down.

The fact that there is every likelihood that his son (as well as countless other fat children and adults) will read this piece and be harmed in innumerable ways is surely enough to take this piece down.

The fact that he engages in violent hate speech, including the suggestion that all fat people be killed and burned is surely enough to take this piece down.

The piece should be taken down immediately (which won't save all the fat children and adults who will be subjected to its abuse in the print version of the magazine.) But we must go farther than that - the truth is that this piece is hate speech, including violent hate speech, and people who perpetuate violent hate speech should not be given a platform to do so by Esquire UK. Esquire UK must take the piece down and fire Giles Coren immediately.