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Deliver an ON-AIR apology before the start of Sunday's Knicks game


With its 'Chink in the Armor' headline, ESPN has managed to tarnish the otherwise inspiring groundswell of cross-cultural and multi-generational support for Jeremy Lin and his emergence into the NBA limelight, and take what is best in America -- the celebration of the underdog -- and degrade it with the worst of America -- blatant, demeaning racism.

We hope that you, as a Walt Disney board member and Asian American, find this careless and ignorant use of language to be both insulting and inexcusable and worthy of a public On-air apology before tomorrow's Knicks game broadcast against the Mavericks.

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  • ESPN/ABC/Walt Disney
  • President of ESPN
    John Skipper
  • Walt Disney Board Member and CEO of Sybase
    John Chen

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