Make public display of the Nazi Swastika illegal in Australia!

Make public display of the Nazi Swastika illegal in Australia!

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Please sign this petition so that new legislation can be introduced to ban public display of the Nazi Swastika symbol. 

Over 6 million Jews were butchered in Nazi concentration camps as well as an additional 5 million people which included gypsies, Gays, the disabled, the mentally ill, priests, the resistance and others, were brutally murdered at the hands of the people who wore this very symbol strapped to their arms. 11 million innocent people were killed as a result of the Nazi Party.

How can we justify all of these innocent lives being lost as well as the lives of Australian soldiers who were sent to fight the Nazis, if the Swastika symbol that represents these people, is still legal to publicly display whether it is on a flag or worn on the clothing of today's Neo-Nazis.

We can not change what has happened in the past but we do have the power to use our voices for ourselves and for those who lost their lives to show our support for this change and influence the law, made by those who are supposed to be representing us.

We live in Melbourne, a city that has one of the worlds highest populations of Holocaust survivors and is also considered to be Australia's most multicultural city. Lets all come together to get rid of this disgusting symbol!