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Stop the Witch Hunt!!

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On July 31, 2015, the Escambia County Sherrif's Department released a statement regarding an investigation of a triple homicide that occurred that Friday evening in Pensacola Florida. We send our deepest condolences to the victims and families involved, however the Wiccan community will not stand for allegations from a high ranking office of justice that these murders were due to a "Blue Moon Ritual by a Wiccan Practitioner"; as stated by the office's representative and spokes person Sgt. Andrew Hobbes. Our Wiccan religion is based on the love of nature and all things peaceful with harm to none. No where in any history of our religion is sacrificing any living thing part of any religious ritual of any type. To see Fox News and NBC PRINT this story as well as police officials to actually allow an investigation based on superstition and grossly misused information, is an outrage to our community. We demand these allegations to be dismissed and demand that at no time, the use of the word WICCA or any association of witchcraft or Paganism be connected to any sort of murderous crime; as that is the very thing we believe against. We are a community of harmony. If it is in fact proven that the suspect is guilty and perhaps is actually a self proclaimed Wiccan, it is with a sad heart we say we hope justice is served, however in no way was the crime based on any religious beliefs. As many criminals in jail pray to Allah or to Christ, there are people who make horrible life choices in any faith and it is not to be associated with teachings and practices of Wicca or any religious faith of that matter. Blessed be.

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