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As the recent Circuit Breaker measures continue to extend into 1st June 2020 by our Singapore government, the authorities has issued a notice to prohibit the movement of people within Singapore ending face to face meetings, in conjunction with new social distancing laws.

As our government assist our people in their daily needs with monetary solutions, much has been forgotten about the needs of animals that are cared for by various animal shelters, animal societies and charities. Referencing to The Straits Times:   "Coronavirus: Animal shelters take adoption drives online amid drop in adoptions, donations."

As a result, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Action for Singapore Dogs, The Cat Museum, Animal Concerns Research And Education Society, The Live Turtle And Tortoise Museum Singapore, Love Kuching Project, Animal Lovers League, and many others, cannot hold events like fundraising, donations in money or kinds, and create projects including the adoption of pets, bringing volunteers to tend to the daily needs of sheltered animals, and many more projects and charity galas to raise money to cover the cost of operations, medical expenses, rent, and daily needs of the various animals.

The government has rolled out several budgets, but none for our strays kept in SPCA and various shelters. Hence animals left in shelters are the least concerned.

Understanding the report from, SPCA stats on receiving strays , in relation to euthanasia:  

In the 1990s it was the norm for SPCA to receive over 1,000 stray and unwanted pet animals a month – 600 cats and kittens, 400 dogs and up to 100 rabbits and other domestic pets.  With so many animals flooding the Society’s doors daily, coping with the physical dilemma of crowded cages brought with it other problems - fighting and disease to name two. Space constraints were a major issue in taking care of abandoned pets and abused animals (and not just one species) when no other like-minded organisations existed.

In the past 16 years, the scene changed dramatically, with more animal welfare groups and informal shelters being established, to help stray animals – providing rehoming/fostering services for stray cats and dogs.  ‘No-kill’ became the policy for some.

The SPCA, on the other hand, has practiced accommodating countless animals, sometimes to its detriment, in that homes could not be found fast enough to keep up with the influx. Choosing not to continue having a shelter or saying yes to a limited number (and turning most away), would have been the easy way out. Abandonment of the animals on the street (by desperate owners), where they could face a worse fate, was an option worse than humanely ending their lives.

Euthanasia figures at the SPCA have been considerably reduced in recent years due to SPCA’s continued education efforts (both internal and external), sterilization voucher programme for community animals, sterilization of strays in-house, more foster homes being found and online adoption posting for people’s pets on our website. Animal welfare groups and individuals joining the cause to save more animals has also helped. 

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Currently, SPCA alone takes in about 4800 animals a year. Then, add in all other animal shelters in Singapore and then the world, and you can understand our concern for these animals and their rights to live. As adoption is slowed to a crawl and charities events halted, there is no other choice but to euthanize these animals as this pandemic clock pushes on.

As the lockdown of our people continues from this pandemic, and the situation is not going to be improving soon, we hope to garner enough support to get everybody who is an animal lover in any way to provide donations to these societies, charities, and shelters till the situation improves.

For Donations, please click to GoGetFunding#SaveAnimalsSG 

Money donated will be given to the various animals societies, charities and shelters. If minimum donations do not exceed $2,000 SGD, it will be donated only to SPCA of Singapore for the upkeeping of strays.

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