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Erradicate the use of unprivileged children as modern day slaves.

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In 2006 the 'Act establishing the National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and Other Related Matters' was amended stating that Nigerians who employ and keep children under the age of 18 years as domestic servants will now spend five years behind the bars if caught and prosecuted. However, this modern day slavery is still continuing in many States in Nigeria. Many people still have children as 'house help', treating them as modern day slaves.

It has been suggested that the reason for such continuation, even though the Nigerian government passed this law making it illegal for under 18s to work in the household of non-family members, is that labour is so cheap that domestic help is the norm, and few Nigerians are aware of the law.
Further investigation shows that only 16 out of 36 states have adopted this law.

This needs to be changed, the law should be adopted by every state in Nigeria and be put into practice in every state, regardless of the cheap labour. It seems that the governments have signed for the law to be passed, however, they are not investigating the implementation of the law. They need to be aware that this slavery still exists, and they need to follow through with the punishment for these people holding these children in slavery. These children are often treated inhumanly, abused physically and/or mentally, prevented and basic human rights and rejected a childhood.

To my fellow nigerians time has come for us to change our ways and and stop what our parents and elders have done in the past. to get with the times and Change this inhumane ways.

If all of the world can help these suffering children by joining me and signing the petition, in order to persuade the governments to ACT on this law they have implemented. With persistence and determination I believe we can make a change to Nigeria and the lifes of these children. 

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