Keep Pot Public in Gananoque

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Under the provincial government’s Cannabis Statute Law Amendment Act, cannabis-smoking rules are the same as those of the Smoke Free Ontario Act. In other words, anywhere you can smoke tobacco, you could also smoke weed, including on the sidewalk, in the park and in cars and boats with sleeping accommodations that are parked or anchored.

At a recent council meeting in Gananoque, council members voted to restrict cannabis use like alcohol use. In signing this petition, we voice our disagreement with the council's decision to treat cannabis use like alcohol use, as recommended by police chief Gary Hull. Not only do we disagree with his logic, but this decision should also be made with more public input and by the next council, which comes into effect on December 1, 2018. 

This by-law will add unnecessary work and administrative burdens to the local police. Cannabis is LEGAL now and should be kept that way. Please sign if you agree!

Contact our council members to inform them that you want to keep pot public!

Mayor Erica Demchuk

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Councilor Brian Brooks

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Councilor Jeff Girling

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Councilor Jane Haynes

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Councilor Joe Jansen

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Councilor Anne Warren

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