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Eric Schneiderman, Attorney General (New York): Investigate the attempted murder of Persaeus and Taymius Abdulkarim

One mother dead, her little daughter is now brain-dead and in a coma, and her little boy is was also beaten! NO ONE HAS BEEN CONVICTED!!!

A year and a half ago, Quindora Persaud was found murdered. Prior to her murder, she was no where to be found. Her husband did not report her missing until two days after she disappeared. He told authorities he assumed she disappeared on purpose, because they had argued before it happened. This case was not solved.

Today we find ourselves in a different, but related tragedy. Two of her children, Persaeus Abdulkarim and Taymius Abdulkarim, remained in the care of their father (Quindora's husband) after their mother's death, despite the attempts Quindora's family made to obtain custody. Persaeus is presently brain-dead and in a coma. Her brother, Taymius, is now in stable condition. Nobody seems to be able to answer the following question: "What happened the day these children were beaten?"

The NYPD has clearly failed this family because no one has been brought to justice. ACS has also failed this family because there is an open abuse case for this family that was never investigated!

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  • New York State Office of the Attorney General
    Eric Schneiderman

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