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Withdraw HB1320!

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Distributed generation primarily refers to small-scale solar and wind. The utilities are attacking rooftop solar and small-scale wind because it allows us to compete with them. They are monopolies and they see any type of competition as a threat. They want our State Legislators to protect them from ANY competition, especially the kind that allows us to keep our money in our own pockets. Here’s what HB1320 does:

Makes it so that utility rates no longer have to be "just and reasonable".  HB1320 mandates that the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission approve high fixed monthly utility charges for all customers, regardless of how much electricity is used, and regardless of whether those rates are just or reasonable. This would eliminate the IURC’s primary function as a surrogate to competition, have a disproportionate impact on Indiana’s most vulnerable low-usage (and often low-income) customers, and shift all risk of running a utility from voluntary shareholders to captive consumers.

Kills net metering. Net metering allows you to generate electricity and get credited for the excess power that you send to the grid at the same price that you pay the utility for it. HB1320 allows the utilities to credit you at a rate that is about 75% less than what you pay them for electricity.

Lets the utilities set their own interconnection rules and charges. They will throw up as many roadblocks as they can to make it as difficult as possible for you to connect your solar panels to the grid. And if they can set their own interconnection fees, they will make it too expensive for you to be able to connect to the grid. This is how they kill competition.

Prices customer-owned small-scale solar and wind out of the market. By setting their own rules and prices, utilities will make customer-owned solar and wind so unaffordable that nobody will be able to do it.

Allows the utilities to become the “3rd party” in 3rd party leasing. In other words, allows the utilities to put solar panels that they own on your roof (you would have to agree to it) so that they can continue to monopolize all forms of energy in Indiana. By allowing the monopolies to write their own rules and fix market prices, this gives them an unfair competitive advantage over other 3rd party leasers of solar and wind energy.

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