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Changing lives after incarceration

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Since coming home from being incarcerated I have discovered many issues that face felons coming home to society. Many of this issues can lead to future incarceration, the revolving door affect. Everything from housing, jobs, who you can live with, etc... can be affected by your charges. To an extent I understand, but people CAN and DO change. Some of the best people, hardest working people I’ve ever met I met while incarcerated. Recently I have discovered that a couple, even if married with children,  and both are on probation or parole cannot live together. If they do, it’s back to prison. Apartment managers and businesses can deny you housing or jobs based solely on your charges, and not who you are as a person. They don’t look at what you have done to repent from the crimes you committed. I’d like for our government to make some drastic changes to our department of corrections and the judicial system to make things equal for everyone. For every person to be charged based on their current situation, not their past. If enough people stand up and let our government know that we are tired of paying for people to incarcerated for their entire lives and want to give people a chance to change and become productive members of society, they will have to listen. We cannot stand by idly anymore while thousands of people’s lives are ruined including the lives of their families, their children, and friends. 

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