Help Gypsy Get Released From Prison

Help Gypsy Get Released From Prison

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Gypsy Rose Blancharde was a victim of systematic abuse at the hands of her mother, one Clauddine "Dee Dee" Blancharde. The elder Ms. Blancharde suffered from Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy. She subjected Gypsy to unnecessary surgery, medicated her to the point of almost oblivion, and abused her physically and emotionally. She was treated as an invalid and made to believe she had cancer and retardation as well as a multitude of conditions which she actually didn't suffer from.

The elder Ms. Blancharde also took money from organizations like Habitat For Humanity and accepted help from cancer charity organizations. These funds could have gone to people who really needed them. She was a known con artist, thief, and liar.

Gypsy Rose and her boyfriend orchestrated  the murder of Dee Dee Blancharde and carried it out in June 2015. She did it to get away from the abuse she suffered at the hands of a monster. Her boyfriend manipulated her and took advantage of someone who was already in a fragile mental state. Gypsy most certainly shouldn't have murdered her, but she was trapped.

She spent her life in a virtual prison only to be sent to a real one for trying to escape the nightmarish life she existed in. She didn't wield the knife that killed Dee Dee and she didn't hold her down. The murder was committed fully by her boyfriend.

I ask that Ms. Blancharde's situation be considered fully and mercy be granted to her. She wouldn't have been involved in this murder if her life was healthy and productive and not full of conspiracy, deceit, and abuse. Please grant Ms. Gypsy Rose Blancharde her freedom so that she may receive the therapy and emotional support she needs and is not receiving in prison.