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I want to give, peace, love and closure to the family, friends and fans of Nipsey hussle. He said " ya'll better ride for me" and thats what I'm doing, for him, the community he was rebuilding and for his family. I truly believe, having a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, in honor of his legacy, will give a great tribute to his legacy. With the help of the community, the influencers and organizations they can give the city, the state and the rest of the world something that they can come and visit. It will effectively get through to our youth that this man left behind, enough accomplishments that impacted my family and myself. My family and I are really doing our best to cope with such a great loss, we lost a father a friend and a visionary we needed. Our city is in pain, it is going through something very devastating and it's going to take alot to to uplift the people. with the killings and murders in the streets, los Angeles is already dealing with alot, but now his death has brought a peace treaty and unity with the gangs. in Hope's that we can all continue carrying on what he left behind, his legacy and all the great things he has accomplished. This addition to what the people have already accomplished, will give great tribute to his marathon he was running.