Don’t settle Mitchell vs City of Los Angeles! Go to trial and reduce Homelessness.

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On Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 10:00 A.M., there will be a city council meeting at 200 N Spring ST. Council Chambers Room 340 in regards to settling or going to trial with the Mitchell VS. City of Los Angeles.

Going to trial with this case will allow City Employees to enforce Public Health and Safety.

With law enforcement, the city will be able to keep public areas such as: streets and sidewalks clean and sanitary. The hoarding of unlimited amounts of personal property from homeless would be limited and the expansion of hoarding would be reduced throughout the whole city of Los Angeles.

Clean streets in Los Angeles would be attainable if the City had the opportunity to go to trial and present evidence and restrictions that could  limit the encampments.

Settling the Case:

  • WILL NOT be in the best interest of Residents, Businesses, Property Owners, and the City of Los Angeles.
  • Will continue to keep the streets of Los Angeles dirty and the efforts to place homeless in shelters and permanent housing will be hopeless.
  • Will also leave precedent:
    ( the City’s hands will legally be tied and other cities will be able to reference this case and make it possible for other cities that are facing the same challenges unable to maintain public areas sanitary and hazard free from hoarding.)

I encourage you to join me, sign this petition, and attend the City Council Meeting if possible to take this case to trial and attempt to protect the health and safety of all Angelinos.