Change Slauson to Nipsey Ave

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For 40+ years, Slauson avenue has been associated with gang-violence and illegal activity.

I'd like to petition to have Slauson changed to Nipsey Ave. Throughout Nipsey's career he proved you don't have to be a prisoner of your environment. While having an affiliation to the local gang, he showed community members how to open up businesses and become a successful entrepreneur. On top of that, he partnered to open up a community center for the youth in that area.

Here are a
few links to provide information on what he's done over his career:

I started this petition because...
Being a Crenshaw District native myself, hearing of Nipsey's death touched me deeply. I don't want his legacy to be over shadowed by his early gang-affiliation. The community got see first-hand what he was able to do in such short time.