Call for the Resignation of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for BLM Protest Response

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Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti has shut down all Covid-19 testing sites across the city in response to recent Black Lives Matter protests. Rather than close only sites near protest locations, or reign in the demonstratively violent and unruly LAPD, he has chosen instead to put all Angelenos at a heightened risk of infection. As of the posting of this petition, the current number of confirmed cases in Los Angeles County is 90,631, while the current death count is 2,042. That is nearly half the total cases and over half the total deaths in the state of California. Mayor Garcetti has proven himself unfit to lead through these crises and a danger to the people of Los Angeles. We demand he resign from office immediately for his dereliction of duty regarding the health and safety of his constituents.

"We're not going to stand for the burning of police cars." - Mayor Garcetti. BLACK LIVES MATTER MORE THAN YOUR FASCIST TOYS.