University of Windsor: Rename Macdonald Hall. John A. Macdonald Stained Canadian History!

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Racism has no place in our society. It was NEVER okay then. It is NEVER okay now. And it will NEVER be okay tomorrow. 

When John A. Macdonald came to Turtle Island, he did not respect the Indigenous peoples of the land. As Canada’s first prime minister, he designed the residential school system, removed children out of their homes to be "re-educated," abused, raped, mutilated, sterilized and starved. The name Macdonald was a stain in Canadian history and attached to oppression. As an institution of higher learning, the University of Windsor must move away from that symbol.    

In light of the current situation happening in our country and abroad, particularly in the United States, I firmly believe that the catalyst for change is boiling within us right now. 

As a Person of Colour, I have seen and experienced first hand the effects of discrimination. Albeit subtle, it still brings a certain feeling of discomfort that the country we all call our home and proud to live in harbours a certain dark cloud. 

Therefore to rename Macdonald Hall is to alleviate that discomfort and eventually wash away the pain. We should all stand together to fight discrimination and oppression. Remove symbols of hate. Make the change. Be the change. 

This petition has now grown and expanded since its inception. It now has the complete support of several Indigenous Students and different Student Groups on campus.