Equus Film Festival - Sever Ties With Sponsors Which Murder & Hurt Horses!!!

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“The Horses”,  and people who love them,  cry out from all over the World and demand that Equus Film Festival organizers immediately publicly sever all ties with sponsors:

  •  “Protect The Harvest” –  A PAC (Political Action Committee) founded by Mr. Forrest Lucas. “Protect The Harvest” provides funds to support:  Horse Slaughter and Circus Elephants while opposing Puppy Mill regulation in Missouri;
  • “Farm Paint” –  Owner,  Mr. Duke Thorson.   Thorsport Farm is a  “Big Lick” Tennessee Walking Horse training operation.  It was the subject of a 2015 HSUS undercover investigation in which horse abuse was alleged.

According to EFF Founder Ms. Lisa Diersen,  the “ultimate goal” of Equus Film Festival is “to create a better world for horses”.    CCABLAC says that “murdering horses” and “soring horses” definitely doesn’t “create a better world for horses”.

Additionally,  two disturbing things occurred at the Nov.  17 – 20, 2016,  Equus Film Festival:

  • The “Best Documentary Film” Award Winner - “Life, Adjusted” - declined to accept the Award.   Dr. Jay Komarek said:   “We will in no way be associated with the abuse of any animal.  Our film is about a horse that has been abused and its rehabilitation.  The actions of the film festival are in direct conflict with our film, and the love and care of animals.”
  • A newspaper reporter for www.billygoboy.com website publication was attacked by an employee of “Protect The Harvest” when he asked Thorsport Owner Mr. Duke Thorson questions regarding “Horse Slaughter”,  and “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty to Tennessee Walking Horses.  Charges have been filed with NYPD against the “Protect The Harvest” employee.

 View Below:  Attack On Newspaper Reporter


 Attempts To Censor CCABLAC Animal Welfare Advocate On EFF Panel


It’s time for Americans,  and Citizens of the World,  to all demand that Equus Film Festival Founder Ms. Lisa Diersen,  and Organizer Ms Diana De Rosa,  immediately publicly sever all ties with “Presenting Sponsor” – “Protect The Harvest” PAC  - founded by Mr. Forrest Lucas; and  Sponsor “Farm Paint” owned by Mr. Duke Thorson of Thorsport Farm. (see video).

It is unacceptable for Equus Film Festival to claim its goal is to "create a better world for horses", and then allow morally reprehensible "horse murderers",   and an advocate of "Big Lick" Tennessee Walking Horses (Animal Cruelty)", to be associated with Equine Films, Art and Authors, all of which will provide an "appearance of legitimacy" for the wrong doers.

The American Horse Council and the USEF (United Equestrian Federation) do not recognize or provide legitimacy to "Big Lick" Tennessee Horses!     Neither should the Equus Film Festival if it wants to continue without facing massive public outrage,  peaceful public protests, and calls from all over the World to BOYCOTT the event. 

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 WE, The People,  CCABLAC (Citizens Against "Big Lick" Animal Cruelty - "We Speak For 'The Horses' Who Cannot Speak For Themselves"